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Bath Products
00110354    Lava Maos Joel Gel Perf/ Con. 5l

Lava Maos Joel Gel Perf/ Con. 5l

Cod.: 00110354

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Batteries And Flashlights
00093038    Battery gp Ult. Alk. 23ae 12v bl5

Battery gp Ult. Alk. 23ae 12v bl5

Cod.: 00093038

00099827    Battery Maxell Lith. cr2016 bl5

Battery Maxell Lith. cr2016 bl5

Cod.: 00099827

00099828    Battery Maxell Lith. cr2025 bl5

Battery Maxell Lith. cr2025 bl5

Cod.: 00099828

00093941    Battery Maxell Lith. cr2032 bl5

Battery Maxell Lith. cr2032 bl5

Cod.: 00093941

00101600    Battery Maxell Sr- 621w (364) cx10

Battery Maxell Sr- 621w (364) cx10

Cod.: 00101600

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Canned Meat And Pate
00105385    Sausages Izidoro H-dog 35un 2,9kg

Sausages Izidoro H-dog 35un 2,9kg

Cod.: 00105385

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Car Accessories
00111948    Jerrican Plast. 20l 4352420

Jerrican Plast. 20l 4352420

Cod.: 00111948

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Cleaning Products
00071587    Stain Remover Romar 150ml 3585

Stain Remover Romar 150ml 3585

Cod.: 00071587

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Cleaning Utensils
00122030    Cloths Multi- Usos 31x37 10+2 Lim267

Cloths Multi- Usos 31x37 10+2 Lim267

Cod.: 00122030

00119581    Cloths Powder Est. 50x70 cj12 61. 17

Cloths Powder Est. 50x70 cj12 61. 17

Cod.: 00119581

00122978    Mop Starlimp Super Absor

Mop Starlimp Super Absor

Cod.: 00122978

00087300    Cleaner Glass Prof. 100220

Cleaner Glass Prof. 100220

Cod.: 00087300

00104761    Rodos Madeira c/ C. Md. 40cm 604r

Rodos Madeira c/ C. Md. 40cm 604r

Cod.: 00104761

00119856    Gloves Vinil Luna cx8 g141

Gloves Vinil Luna cx8 g141

Cod.: 00119856

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Construction Supplies
00123479    Ladder Alum. 7 Deg. 446413070

Ladder Alum. 7 Deg. 446413070

Cod.: 00123479

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Cooking Oil
00091733    Oil Mestre Rafael Esp. Temp. 5l

Oil Mestre Rafael Esp. Temp. 5l

Cod.: 00091733

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00113705    Spoons Coffee Inox Bica cj24

Spoons Coffee Inox Bica cj24

Cod.: 00113705

00106844    Spoons Tea Inox Riga cj6

Spoons Tea Inox Riga cj6

Cod.: 00106844

00114127    Spoons Galao Inox Lunik cj12

Spoons Galao Inox Lunik cj12

Cod.: 00114127

00121463    Cutelo Kitchen 25cm Cy-9023032

Cutelo Kitchen 25cm Cy-9023032

Cod.: 00121463

00120267    Abre Latas Eminente 23030025

Abre Latas Eminente 23030025

Cod.: 00120267

00055356    Suportes Knives pc212345/ E-050

Suportes Knives pc212345/ E-050

Cod.: 00055356

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Decor Accessories
00073636    Quadros zq629-48x63

Quadros zq629-48x63

Cod.: 00073636

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Dish Detergent
00112111    Dishwasher Feritex 4l

Dishwasher Feritex 4l

Cod.: 00112111

00093892    Dishwasher S. Pop Lemon 4l

Dishwasher S. Pop Lemon 4l

Cod.: 00093892

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Dishwasher Detergent
00100824    Abrilh. Joel Secante M. Louça 5l

Abrilh. Joel Secante M. Louça 5l

Cod.: 00100824

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Dried Vegetables
00116451    Beans Meps White 5kg

Beans Meps White 5kg

Cod.: 00116451

00117017    Beans Meps Black-eyed 5kg

Beans Meps Black-eyed 5kg

Cod.: 00117017

00117387    Beans Meps Black 5kg

Beans Meps Black 5kg

Cod.: 00117387

00116452    Beans Meps Red 5kg

Beans Meps Red 5kg

Cod.: 00116452

00117200    Chickpeas Meps Extra 5kg

Chickpeas Meps Extra 5kg

Cod.: 00117200

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00117686    Selhas Plast. 42l Cap42

Selhas Plast. 42l Cap42

Cod.: 00117686

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Generic Tools
00098080    Pencil Carpint. cj5 cp500 4246

Pencil Carpint. cj5 cp500 4246

Cod.: 00098080

00110562    Caixa Ferram. Plast. 43cm 090172

Caixa Ferram. Plast. 43cm 090172

Cod.: 00110562

00102658    Tray Ferram. Pl. 448460001

Tray Ferram. Pl. 448460001

Cod.: 00102658

Glassware, Tableware, Cristal
00117818    Ceramic Dish Sobrem. 2212-7,5''

Ceramic Dish Sobrem. 2212-7,5''

Cod.: 00117818

00117817    Ceramic Dish Soup 2212-8,5''

Ceramic Dish Soup 2212-8,5''

Cod.: 00117817

00112166    Dish Raso Cantina F. Az. 24cm

Dish Raso Cantina F. Az. 24cm

Cod.: 00112166

00112167    Dish Soup Cantina F. Az. 21cm

Dish Soup Cantina F. Az. 21cm

Cod.: 00112167

02001857    Calices Apolo c/ T. 2048/ 05=9048

Calices Apolo c/ T. 2048/ 05=9048

Cod.: 02001857

00118776    Calices Wine Banq. 19,5cl cj12

Calices Wine Banq. 19,5cl cj12

Cod.: 00118776

00088747    Glass Bal/ Conh. 10cl af2 2621

Glass Bal/ Conh. 10cl af2 2621

Cod.: 00088747

00088748    Glass Bal/ Conh. 10cl af3 2620

Glass Bal/ Conh. 10cl af3 2620

Cod.: 00088748

00088749    Glass Bal/ Conh. 15cl af5 2684

Glass Bal/ Conh. 15cl af5 2684

Cod.: 00088749

00072636    Glass Principe c/ M. 20cl 1163/ 25

Glass Principe c/ M. 20cl 1163/ 25

Cod.: 00072636

00103805    Glass Balon 9cl n/ Tem. cj12

Glass Balon 9cl n/ Tem. cj12

Cod.: 00103805

00084971    Glass Galao 22cl pk12 2004Vcp

Glass Galao 22cl pk12 2004Vcp

Cod.: 00084971

00072643    Glass Martigues Lum. 16cl pk12

Glass Martigues Lum. 16cl pk12

Cod.: 00072643

00114544    Glass Shot 2,5cl cj6 Salon2

Glass Shot 2,5cl cj6 Salon2

Cod.: 00114544

00119677    Glass Vidro 18cl cj6 26037

Glass Vidro 18cl cj6 26037

Cod.: 00119677

00118225    Holder p/ Copos Galao xx4985

Holder p/ Copos Galao xx4985

Cod.: 00118225

00021464    Taças Vidro Funchal 2038/ 16

Taças Vidro Funchal 2038/ 16

Cod.: 00021464

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Glue And Sealants
01010213    Glue Inducola Mad. e/ F. Boiao 1k

Glue Inducola Mad. e/ F. Boiao 1k

Cod.: 01010213

00092303    Glue Cipade Cipr. Contacto 1l

Glue Cipade Cipr. Contacto 1l

Cod.: 00092303

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00055259    Rodas p/ Carros Rhfr-150/ Fr-6x2

Rodas p/ Carros Rhfr-150/ Fr-6x2

Cod.: 00055259

00055258    Rodas p/ Carros Rhsr-150/ Sr-6x2

Rodas p/ Carros Rhsr-150/ Sr-6x2

Cod.: 00055258

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House Accessories
00076706    Bucket c/ Ped. Plast. 30l 04. 250

Bucket c/ Ped. Plast. 30l 04. 250

Cod.: 00076706

00119859    Gloves Latex Suguan (g/ l) gd33

Gloves Latex Suguan (g/ l) gd33

Cod.: 00119859

00022910    Tabua Coz. Nat Grd 813

Tabua Coz. Nat Grd 813

Cod.: 00022910

00098528    Tabua Coz. Pro Nat. 822-p-nat.

Tabua Coz. Pro Nat. 822-p-nat.

Cod.: 00098528

00124808    Knives Plast. 16,5m cj25 245800

Knives Plast. 16,5m cj25 245800

Cod.: 00124808

00111324    Bucket c/ T. Plast. 100l 79014490

Bucket c/ T. Plast. 100l 79014490

Cod.: 00111324

00114701    Bucket Lixo c/ T. Preto 45l

Bucket Lixo c/ T. Preto 45l

Cod.: 00114701

00113605    Bucket Gelo Plast. c/ T. 5l 1-261

Bucket Gelo Plast. c/ T. 5l 1-261

Cod.: 00113605

00124798    Palhetas Coffee Pl. cj50 268300

Palhetas Coffee Pl. cj50 268300

Cod.: 00124798

00124795    Toothpicks 360100

Toothpicks 360100

Cod.: 00124795

00118946    Wheel p/ Carro Compras 150805-1

Wheel p/ Carro Compras 150805-1

Cod.: 00118946

00111972    Traps p/ Ratos cj2 22540-2

Traps p/ Ratos cj2 22540-2

Cod.: 00111972

00103591    Glue Ratos/ Rastej. Temobi 135gr

Glue Ratos/ Rastej. Temobi 135gr

Cod.: 00103591

00112341    Caixa Ratoeira Alpha 200. 29

Caixa Ratoeira Alpha 200. 29

Cod.: 00112341

00079818    Ratoeiras Ars p/ Ratos 100g cx2

Ratoeiras Ars p/ Ratos 100g cx2

Cod.: 00079818

00108604    Ratoeira c/ 3 Furos 002

Ratoeira c/ 3 Furos 002

Cod.: 00108604

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Kitchen Paper And Disposable
00123650    Babetes Desc. 40x59cm cj3 01600

Babetes Desc. 40x59cm cj3 01600

Cod.: 00123650

00123651    Babetes Desc. 40x59cm cj3 01601

Babetes Desc. 40x59cm cj3 01601

Cod.: 00123651

00086223    Napkins Joker Zig-zag Liso cx50

Napkins Joker Zig-zag Liso cx50

Cod.: 00086223

00097179    Toalhas Mao 21x23 cx20Maç. 2. 6

Toalhas Mao 21x23 cx20Maç. 2. 6

Cod.: 00097179

00079232    Oil Machine Gabylar 230ml

Oil Machine Gabylar 230ml

Cod.: 00079232

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Office And School Products
00117984    Rolos Termicos 57x40x11 cj10

Rolos Termicos 57x40x11 cj10

Cod.: 00117984

00117985    Rolos Termicos 57x50x11 cj10

Rolos Termicos 57x50x11 cj10

Cod.: 00117985

00117986    Rolos Termicos 80x60x11 cj10

Rolos Termicos 80x60x11 cj10

Cod.: 00117986

00121614    Rolos Termicos 80x70x11 cj10

Rolos Termicos 80x70x11 cj10

Cod.: 00121614

00079528    Livros Exped. Autoc. 18 100x100

Livros Exped. Autoc. 18 100x100

Cod.: 00079528

00079510    Envelop c4 229x324 Sil. Lit. 25un

Envelop c4 229x324 Sil. Lit. 25un

Cod.: 00079510

00079526    Envelop c6 114x162 Silicone 25un

Envelop c6 114x162 Silicone 25un

Cod.: 00079526

00095449    Envelop dl 110x220 Silic. c/ J. 25u

Envelop dl 110x220 Silic. c/ J. 25u

Cod.: 00095449

Packaging And Conservation
00000999    Bag c/ Asas Impresso

Bag c/ Asas Impresso

Cod.: 00000999

00117624    Bag c/ Asas 40x45x0,055

Bag c/ Asas 40x45x0,055

Cod.: 00117624

00117625    Bag c/ Asas 50x55x0,055

Bag c/ Asas 50x55x0,055

Cod.: 00117625

00117626    Bag c/ Asas 70x80x0,055

Bag c/ Asas 70x80x0,055

Cod.: 00117626

00123455    Bag Lixo Smart 65x75 50l 10

Bag Lixo Smart 65x75 50l 10

Cod.: 00123455

Paper Bag Cast. sc05

Cod.: 00128387

Paper Bag Cast. sc08

Cod.: 00128388

Paper Bag Cast. sc10

Cod.: 00128389

Paper Bag Cast. 2000un sc03

Cod.: 00128386

00128385    Paper Bag White 2000un sb02

Paper Bag White 2000un sb02

Cod.: 00128385

Caixa Bra. 13,5x12,5,5 200un p0

Cod.: 00128390

Caixa Branca 18x12 200un p20

Cod.: 00128391

Caixa Branca 18x15x7 200un p2b

Cod.: 00128392

Caixa Bra. 20x16,5x7 200un p3b

Cod.: 00128393

Caixa Branca 24x21x7 200un p5

Cod.: 00128394

00119791    Verniz Maltex Sintetico 1l

Verniz Maltex Sintetico 1l

Cod.: 00119791

00110176    Diluente Maltex Celuloso 5l

Diluente Maltex Celuloso 5l

Cod.: 00110176

00110175    Diluente Maltex Sintetico 5l

Diluente Maltex Sintetico 5l

Cod.: 00110175

00076708    Mala Rect. Pr. Socorros 18. 800a

Mala Rect. Pr. Socorros 18. 800a

Cod.: 00076708

empty empty empty
Plastic Recipients / Others
00103982    Bengaleiros Plast. 05. 449

Bengaleiros Plast. 05. 449

Cod.: 00103982

00085713    Tray Meat c/ T. Rede 13. 240b

Tray Meat c/ T. Rede 13. 240b

Cod.: 00085713

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Smoking Products
00110107    Tubos Cigarros Ring cx100 pk5

Tubos Cigarros Ring cx100 pk5

Cod.: 00110107

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00104101    Soap Sabonol Off. Azul 1,5kg

Soap Sabonol Off. Azul 1,5kg

Cod.: 00104101

00057650    Soap Sabonol Off. Rosa 1,5kg

Soap Sabonol Off. Rosa 1,5kg

Cod.: 00057650

empty empty
Spices And Sauces
00118371    Ketchup Salador 4750g

Ketchup Salador 4750g

Cod.: 00118371

empty empty empty
Toilet Paper
00118875    Paper Higienico Amoos Jumbo 214S. 12r

Paper Higienico Amoos Jumbo 214S. 12r

Cod.: 00118875

00117592    Paper Higienico Joker Jumbo Gold l+ 12r

Paper Higienico Joker Jumbo Gold l+ 12r

Cod.: 00117592

00116687    Paper Higienico Joker Jumbo Gold+12r

Paper Higienico Joker Jumbo Gold+12r

Cod.: 00116687


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