Until 31 of January

00122164    Chocolate Milka Amend/ Caramelo 276g

Chocolate Milka Amend/ Caramelo 276g

Cod.: 00122164

00002097    Chocolate Milka Milk 100g

Chocolate Milka Milk 100g

Cod.: 00002097

00125536    Chocolate Milka Mmmax Amen/ Car. 300g

Chocolate Milka Mmmax Amen/ Car. 300g

Cod.: 00125536

00120756    Chocolate Milka Tuc 87g

Chocolate Milka Tuc 87g

Cod.: 00120756

00002098    Chocolate Milka White 100g

Chocolate Milka White 100g

Cod.: 00002098

00126642    Chocolate Milka Amendoim/ Caram. 90g

Chocolate Milka Amendoim/ Caram. 90g

Cod.: 00126642

00121830    Chocolate Milka Bubbly Milk 90g

Chocolate Milka Bubbly Milk 90g

Cod.: 00121830

00118370    Chocolate Milka Caramel 100g

Chocolate Milka Caramel 100g

Cod.: 00118370

00127040    Chocolate Milka Extra Cocoa 100g

Chocolate Milka Extra Cocoa 100g

Cod.: 00127040

00106726    Chocolate Milka Mmmax Caram&Av. 300g

Chocolate Milka Mmmax Caram&Av. 300g

Cod.: 00106726

00113595    Chocolate Milka Oreo 100g

Chocolate Milka Oreo 100g

Cod.: 00113595

00126641    Chocolate Milka Oreo Brownie 100g

Chocolate Milka Oreo Brownie 100g

Cod.: 00126641

00125401    Chocolate Milka Oreo Sandwich 92g

Chocolate Milka Oreo Sandwich 92g

Cod.: 00125401

00121832    Chocolate Milka Triple Caramel 90g

Chocolate Milka Triple Caramel 90g

Cod.: 00121832

00121831    Chocolate Milka Triple Choc. 90g

Chocolate Milka Triple Choc. 90g

Cod.: 00121831

00119315    Chocolate Milka&Chips Ahoy 100g

Chocolate Milka&Chips Ahoy 100g

Cod.: 00119315

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